Demonstration of How Self Exclusion Works

casino self exclusion

Casino self exclusion refers to a self-imposed gambling protection method that ensures you can tame your gambling habits. In this setup, the player receives help from the casinos and gambling sites in question to make it possible to either reduce their frequency of gambling or stop it. In this post, we look at how this procedure works.

Identifying the Venues and Sites

Step one of the exclusion process is the identification of the sites and venues one would like to avoid going to. As a Canadian online casino player, you know your favorite sites and in-house casinos, and therefore this should come easy for you. By identifying these sites, you make the proactive step to ensure that you will not have to visit them for a given period. It is worth noting that while self-exclusion can be done alone, it is always a good idea to have a partner to take you through it. This partner needs to have the list of the venues and sites that you wish not to visit to help keep track of your movements online and offline.

Signing the Casino Self Exclusion Agreement

Once you have identified the sites and venues that you like to exclude yourself from to tame your gambling habits, the next step is to enter an agreement with the administration. For in-house gaming spots, this will involve visiting the place and talking to the management to allow you to enter a self exclusion agreement. Every gaming venue will have this option to help its customers find a way of reducing their gambling addiction.

As for online sites, check with the customer support for options on how you can enter such an agreement with the site. All legally registered gambling sites will have this option in place. In the event that the site does not offer you this option, it is advisable to stop gaming on it.

Implementation casino self exclusion

With the agreements signed, the focus now shifts to the implementation of the casino self exclusion. For the in-house gaming spots, this will involve the venues advising their employees to bar you from entering the premises. If you persist with the attempts to get in, the venue will involve security to expel you from the premises.

As for the online sites, they will prevent logging into your playing account. Some sites will even go as far as blocking the IP addresses of your devices from their platform. This will create the inconvenience of not being able to access the platform.

Both of these measures contribute to making it difficult for you to access gambling services. The hope is that after repeated frustrations, you will either opt to reduce the gambling frequency or stop it altogether and thus achieve your objective.

Final Thoughts

Casino self exclusion is an innovative and effective way of helping gamblers who are facing addiction issues to reduce their gambling frequency. For the best results, the agreement should be an open one whereby the terms are available for review after a given period.